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The only way back toward a democracy and economy that work for the majority is for most of us to get politically active once again, becoming organized and mobilized. We have to establish a new countervailing power. The monied interests are doing what they do best – making money. The rest of us need to do what we can do best – use our voices, our vigor, and our votes.
Robert Reich: The Disease of American Democracy (via azspot)

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The idea that that’s what’s driving this strikes me as completely wrong. I mean, first of all, there’s a lot of people grateful that it’s getting covered. Second of all, people forget this- these protests started within minutes and hours of the death of Mike Brown and they started on the street on which Mike Brown was shot and killed, among the whole neighborhood. I talked to an owner of a barber shop on West Florissant who told me; it got to him real quick and before he knew it, everyone had left out the barber shop to go down there, okay? So there was no media at that point. There was no cameras down there. There were people rushing down to the scene. There was a very heated standoff with police as Michael Brown’s body was on the street. That was not people trying to get on camera.
Chris Hayes, live on msnbc, on Captain Johnson’s claim that the media is instigating protesters to act out. (via iwriteaboutfeminism)

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And of the hundred dominant economic units in the world today, the hundred largest economic units — that’s the word they used was units — forty-nine are countries, and fifty-one are corporations. Now, you digest that for a second. What does that mean? It means that corporations are the driving force of decision-making today. And corporations are not concerned with human rights, they’re not concerned with human life, they’re not even concerned with the proper wage for the people that are working for them. So what kind of decisions are gonna be made on our behalf by this economic power? These corporate states, I call them. Oh, there’s gonna be hell to pay, as they say.
Sample speech of the end of the song “Further” by Cult of Luna - Noam Chomsky words (via havetsvargar)

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Police brutality is not the Bogeyman. It’s not an urban legend witnessed by none but told by many. It’s not a myth created by a primitive tribe that is too simple to understand the true source of the brokenness in its communities. Black people believe in police brutality for the same reason they believe in rain—because they’ve felt it … For those of us who have never experienced law enforcement corrupted by power, basic human decency should require that we try to understand and consider the perspective of those who have…
Hans Fiene (via azspot)

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This unwillingness to examine our own perpetrations of violence and learn from that history is perhaps the greatest tragedy confronting America’s social progress.

Mark LeVine at Al Jazeera. Ferguson is not Gaza … yet

U.S. law enforcement maintains extensive relations with Israel, but militarized policing is largely homegrown

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I could go on all day. Statistics on every score paint a portrait of the lives of African-Americans, and particularly, African-American women, as people systemically crippled and murdered by a hostile and homicidal infrastructure.
Quinn Norton in The Message at Medium. While you are all briefly worried about black men getting shot by police (via protoslacker)

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We have squandered about a trillion dollars, killed untold numbers of civilians, lost far too many troops and will leave a country that is wracked by devastation and a huge increase in corruption. Obama will be blamed for losing Afghanistan just as surely as he is now being blamed for losing Iraq, but in both cases, the entire country should share the blame for empowering amoral leaders who know only death, destruction and corruption.
Jim White at Emptywheel. As Expected, Kerry’s Power Sharing Agreement in Afghanistan Falling Apart (via protoslacker)